Cloud Hosting

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The cloud is a smart business investment that helps optimize your day-to-day business needs. Utilizing the cloud as a tool to keep your progress constantly moving forward and using its services to work smarter, harder, and without needing to think about the challenges that occur with on-premises hosting. With a set monthly price per user, scaling workstations, and an improved user experience, Nuage Logic’s cloud hosting services provide businesses with a wealth of benefits. To see how a combination of our cloud services and data security can fortify your business, view our cloud solutions.


Data loss is one of the major factors in unexpected spending for businesses. With our cloud backup services, we offer businesses a safety net where, should something happen to their servers, we have them covered. If data loss or a virus is found in your systems, we can restore your data from its last safe restore point. In the long run, this saves businesses time and money in trying to repair faulty programs and restore their data.


Looking to move to the cloud for the first time? Most businesses who try to move to the cloud without a plan in place don’t succeed in the process. We’re here to help businesses come up with a plan to build their cloud infrastructure from the ground-up and do so successfully the first time. We’ll work with you to discuss your best options, set goals, and set up the most reliable way to meet your goals.


We can help move your current on-prem environment into our private cloud. We help assess, migrate, and support your business during your cloud transition. If private cloud doesn’t meet your needs, we can also manage and completely migrate your current workloads into Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud. Our team is certified in many of the leading virtualization and cloud technologies.


When talking about public cloud, we focus on the major platforms; Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. The public cloud can be a cold and daunting place, where support can be either limited or extremely expensive. You’re already paying a high price for the service, why pay a high price for the support? We help manage and maintain your public cloud workloads while providing access to your business critical functions. We can work with your current IT department or extend as your dedicated cloud support.


The best of both worlds; Our private cloud offerings allow for your workloads to be managed and accessed remotely without the high cost of the public cloud fees. Our pricing model is based on the resources you consume, not on the amount of time they’re running. We’ve learned this model allows for our customers to accurately forecast their budget and not worry about unexpected charges.


If you’re worried about applications or data that need to run on your current servers for one reason or another, but still want to move workloads to the cloud, check out our hybrid cloud services. We can connect your current servers with either our private cloud or a public cloud, allowing for the flexibility and connectivity of both worlds.


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a great tool to make working from any location at any time a possibility. In a time where working from home is crucial, so is access to a virtual desktop. Access all of your desktop’s data and applications from any point in time with the ability to use all of your programs remotely from wherever you need to. No more needing to physically be in the office- the office is now wherever you can log in from, no matter your device. To see more, please visit our cloud solutions page.


With virtual desktops comes the need for management as it’s crucial to have maintenance and upkeep on even virtual machines. We offer remote IT services and scaling to ensure your VDI is running as smooth as possible and without viruses or malware. Should any issues arise, we can take control of the VDI software and correct settings, add/remove RAM and storage space, partition hard drives, and more all on-the-fly and as-needed.


If you’re looking for someone to help with your cloud migration, look no further. We have a team of experts that handle cloud migrations on a daily basis. From project management, to assessments, implementations, design, or even troubleshooting. Our team has over 20 years combined experience in public and private clouds.