Are You Protected Against Cybercrime?

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Compromised Passwords

Firewall Issues

Corrupted Data

Unauthorized Remote Access

Ex-employee Access

Web Site Vulnerabilities

Dark Web Data Sharing


With the rising threat of cyberattacks in the news, businesses are looking to quickly implement strategies to bolster their protection against data loss, hacks, and ransomware. To help businesses quickly learn where weaknesses might be and take steps to fix them, we’re offering the following assessment to anyone interested.

Is your company web site secure?

We will run a web site security analysis for your company looking for vulnerabilities in the following areas:

  • SSL Encryption / is valid data protecting in place data
  • TLS version / are you up-to-date
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) / do you have protection against “man-in-the-middle” attacks
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) Certification Authority Authorization / are you configured properly


Has your company data or client data been compromised?

We will run a Dark Web search on existing data breaches to ensure no one from your company has been breached. Our active monitoring can then alert you when compromised data is detected and help you prevent possible damages.


What can I do to fix issues? We’ll share our expert suggestions.

We will meet you online in a 30-minute detailed review to go over your report and the actionable steps you and your team can take to improve your protection.

Nuage Logic has the deep domain experience and hands-on technical know-how we needed to help identify weaknesses and provide actionable steps to address our cyber vulnerabilities.

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