Reduce the cost of moving to the cloud.


• Virtualize your business applications and enable access from anywhere.
• Access can be controlled at all times and, data never leaves your environment.
• Assign licensed applications to users without having to deploy software.
• Enables your applications to run on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPhone/iPad, Android, and other platforms.

• Pay for what you need instead of spending time and money on predicted growth.
• Increase CPU, memory, and storage resources without buying additional hardware.
• We protect, detect, and help recover from Ransomware attacks using our security software and backup solutions.
• We adhere to best practices for security and performance, so you’ll never have to worry about being compromised.

• The data stored on your cloud desktop, stays on your cloud desktop.
• If your device is stolen, it can easily be replaced, allowing you to get back up and running within a few minutes.
• Temporary workers or contactors can be onboarded in a few minutes compared to weeks of procuring hardware.
• The perfect solution for the remote workforce allows any personal or business-owned device to connect to your company’s data and applications securely.