Frequently Asked Questions

While technology is a key tool in empowering businesses, we understand that it can be daunting to keep up with the changes occurring every day over the tech-scape. Since we believe that being informed is important when it comes to technology, we compiled a breakdown of frequently asked questions regarding our services, our solutions, and the cloud in general. We encourage you to read our blog or contact us so we can give you a more detailed answer to any additional questions.

What Are Cloud Hosting Services?

Simply put, cloud is someone else’s hardware that provides a service to either you, your customers, or your employees. That may sound a little daunting and generate more questions around data security, service availability, monthly cost, and much more, but a lot of cloud providers invest in products and services focused in those areas. Nuage Logic’s cloud hosting services provide businesses with a wealth of benefits.

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

There are many benefits from cloud hosting services in general, now it’s time to break down the advantages and disadvantages of private vs public cloud. The easiest way to do this is a visual comparison. 





No charge on how much data you move, just a cap on the rate that which you move it.  Bandwidth is charged in the public cloud if it needs to leave the hosted environment or zone. 


Typically having a few hundred customers, the amount of backend infrastructure is impressive, but not overly complicated.  Layers of complexity due to the large scale of public clouds, needing to support hundreds of thousands of customers. 


Dedicated team to manage your private cloud instance that’s included in your service.  You can hire someone with public cloud experience or a vendor to manage your environment at an additional cost. 


Always On pricing and never any upfront cost to ensure your virtual machines can boot.  Pay-as-you-use style service or purchase reserved instances for 3-year upfront cost. 


Basic troubleshooting is performed and then escalated to our engineers to resolve issues quickly.  Without expensive support contracts, it can take a long time to get to the technical resource you need. 

Cloud Hosting vs On Premises

There’s a lot of debate over cloud vs. on-premises hosting, so we’ve broken it down into 4 main talking points.  


Never let your business outgrow its technology. If you think about purchasing servers and using them as hypervisors, there’s always going to be the scalability factor. You’d want to purchase for predicted growth and occasional situations of higher demand. Having your environment hosted in a cloud removes the need to pay for the scalability factor or even worry about it. If you need additional servers or storage, it’s a simple request at a fraction of the cost of architecting for scale.


With our cloud hosted services, we have the ability to monitor and secure your company’s data. We keep an eye on your business habits to ensure no unauthorized access makes its way into your network. In the event of data loss, we also provide back up services to restore your workstations back to a healthy, working state.


Hosting your servers in the cloud provides predictability in operating expenses. Knowing the exact cost of a new hire, service, or business application allows you to keep a closer eye on the bottom line. Ultimately, this leads to more informed financial decisions for the growth of your company. The combination of Nuage Logic’s solutions provides one invoice from one company that covers all of your IT needs.


Lifestyles change and it’s important to have your technology follow. Many companies are moving to remote work and with our cloud services, we make that transition easy. Accessing your workspace will never be a question of “I need to go into the office.” Instead, you can access your full desktop and data remotely from any device at any time. Most importantly, being locked down to a specific location is yesterday’s problem and the mobility of cloud is today’s solution.

Who Is Nuage Logic?

We are an IT, information security, networking, and cloud hosting company based in Douglassville, Pennsylvania. We offer full-service cloud solutions to businesses to fit their budget and their needs. For a full breakdown, please visit our About Us page.


Our normal business hours are from 9am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, however our support desk is always open, 24/7/365.


Here are a list of holidays that Nuage Logic will be closed:

01/01/24 – New Year’s Day

01/15/24 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

02/19/24 – Presidents Day

05/27/24 – Memorial Day

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