At Nuage Logic we focus on cloud hosting and managed IT services to become your company’s virtual datacenter. We can host your servers, applications, and desktops- the core of your business technology- in our cloud. With our information security services, we can either become your entire IT department, or an extension of it. Our experience and knowledge let us keep your business running in a safe and efficient manner.


The great thing about cloud is that you pay for what you need, when you need it. The scalability of our cloud solutions allows us to work with your budget so that you never outgrow your technology. There is no more worrying about purchasing hardware in order to scale or the downtime it takes to expand. We can easily adjust CPU, RAM, or storage to meet the needs of an application, demand of users, or growth of your business.


Technology is what matters to us most. Unlike most other IT providers, we’re not interested in upselling a service. The overall goal of our managed IT services is to ensure your business runs without issues, securely and efficiently. This is why we offer service packages custom designed to your needs and scaled to your budget.


Our team has decades of experience working for large enterprise companies as consultants, contractors, or even prior full-time employees. With that experience comes an understanding of the business process, the importance of change management, and what combination of technology will work best for your needs. We stay up-to-date in the latest trends to keep you running optimally, so you don’t have to.